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Homemade Sweet Potato Baby Purée


apg_sweetbabypuree_post_blog apg-baby_sweet_potato_puree_5-4261 Sweet Potato Baby Puree 6-7 months Root vegetables, such as sweet potato, are packed with health benefits for little ones. Two main components: carotenoids and vitamin C. They also bring their own natural sugars and  fiber. Preventing constipation. I made this simple, quick, and colorful purée, with a few sweet potatoes – no more than 5 – (small size), baked them in the oven for approximately 15 minutes fully wrapped. They will  release their own juices. I did not add any water, spices, salt or thickenings. Just as they come. The consistency that you see in this purée is just its natural texture, slowly baked at 350 degrees. I ate part of this purée myself. Quite frankly, it didn’t need anything else to enhance flavoring. You may also add any other root vegetables of your preference (parsnip, carrot, etc.) and you would easily create a root medley. So good. I love it. I hope your little one does too!

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