Turning leaves in Montreal and Québec City


Turning Leaves | Au Petit Goût
Turning Leaves | Au Petit Goût
If you are lucky to live in an area where nature transforms the green palette of summer foliage into the vivid autumn palette of reds, oranges, golds, and browns before leaves fall off the trees, this experience can be breathtaking. Certainly. During fall school break, we traveled to Québec City and Montreal, for a few days. As the plane approached Montreal, from our windows, we were mesmerized by the abundance of colors, turning leaves, happening right before our eyes. We asked ourselves, how all this beauty could be captured in one sight? We felt a sense of excitement and impatience to arrive.

Justified, I guess, as it was our fist visit to Quebéc, and a very anticipated trip to find some quite days in autumn. This phenomenal transformation, for some, is not completely deciphered yet. The truth is that we do not know all the details, but we do know enough to explain nature’s multicolored autumn: longer nights, shorter days, and colder days, to name a few. I posed the question as we walked together down one of Quebéc city’s streets. What colors come to mind as we observe these spectacular trees and shrubs? My young daughter began … “I see yellow, orange, brown, gold, red, black, gray, fuchsia … Oh! I see more browns here and look over there! … ” pointing at every tree we passed by. Then she continued… its your turn mom! We can’t thank enough the fabulous days we spent in this magical place, and how I would time and again encourage you to visit with your young ones and families. Unforgettable. As Québécois would say… c’est formidable!

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