Voilà Le Château Frontenac



Anchored in the heart of Old Québec, this magnificent hotel, full of charm (and history), with a distinctive elegance and magical appearance, Château Frontenac will captivate anyone in search for a place to stay. It was an unforgettable experience for my young daughter, my husband and myself, staying at the château, in one of my favorite provinces in Canada, Québec.

Undoubtedly, Château Frontenac is Québec city’s most famous landmark and it really dominates the skyline. From previous posts, you may remember that we visited Québec city during fall school break. We walked everywhere and eager to discover what the city had to offer: from its culinary delights, to its famous patisseries, monuments, and of course, its local farmer’s market, Marché du Vieux Port, in the heart of Québec city. As we entered the marché, we were overtaken by the different varieties of pommes (apples).

I photographed some of them. Many names new to me; varieties such as Lobo.

I immediately thought of the different textures each of these varieties of apples will translate into a natural baby purée. Exquisite. Foil-wrapped and oven-baked, or steamed for a few minutes, they will revealed a comforting, velvety, delectable purée packed with nutrients and mixed with its own juices. Just as any of our little ones would devour it!

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