A sunny afternoon during Spring break

A Sunny Afternoon during Spring Break | Au Petit Goût

A Sunny Afternoon during Spring Break | Au Petit Goût

This week, my young daughter is enjoying a few days off. School Spring break. We would generally travel during the week, but not this time. Instead, we took the most of an afternoon. We made it very special. Just the three of us. Fresh air, ducks on the pond, birds nesting. Spring time brings warmer days, sun and the desire to go outside. Trees, plants and flowers all over bursting in saturated colors, releasing their untouched new foliage. 

We discovered this peaceful place in the middle of our urban town, surprisingly very close to our school. We relaxed, walked, got very close to the birds, captured a duck mom nesting, chatted with people we ran into, while my camera allowed me to photograph the beautiful scenery surrounding us.


Oh, we must do this often…

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