Strawberries, Bananas and Cantaloupe Baby Smoothie


When the end of summer comes to a close, so does the carefree days which our little ones adore. School is now in full swing, and we are slowing adjusting to our wake-up, bedtime, daily routines…


After summer time, the first month of school may sometimes be a bit challenging. Especially for the kids. Thinking of them, a homemade smoothie with three flavorful fruits, bananas, strawberries and cantaloupe, brings a natural, comforting, balsamic late summer drink making everyone at home feel great. These natural fruits are available year round and particularly strawberries, always available from January through November, with a peak quality and supply from March to May.


I love the simplicity of giving our kids fresh fruits, and blending them into smoothies.

We will be welcoming the turning leaves and the colors of the fall very soon. Yet, we have already started mapping a few fall trips, Halloween, pumpkin picking… costumes ideas. We won’t miss jumping into leaf piles and a new (and greatly awaited) trick-o-treating. So fun!

I leave you with this comforting, frothy smoothie that I hope your little ones will love, as much as mine does.Enjoy it together!

You need:

2 organic bananas
Half cantaloupe (150 gr)
300g organic strawberries


Cut cantaloupe into small pieces, remove skin and seeds. Wash thoroughly and hull the strawberries. Place fruits in a blender until smooth, foamy consistency.Idea: Only if desired, you may add a few ice cubes or squeeze a few drops of lemon to taste.

9 months and up

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