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Sweet Grape Tomatoes, Tiny Shells Baby Pasta


The Autumn light is here, soft, subtle, dissipated. It makes us feel at ease. Here in the south the first turning leaves begin to show. The glimpse of the new season. A prominent exhibition of fall tones foliage with the touch of colder winds. Naturally transforming in front of us. This phenomenon many still can’t explain, and yet we love it.

Baby Pasta | Au Petit Goût


Who doesn’t want to capture every detail and photograph it all. I admit it, I do. We feel so lucky to live in a place where seasons keep coming back, reminding us that this time we must dress up with heavier layers. When the days begin to shorten and our little ones are eagerly awaiting the festivities and celebrations October holds.

Some schools will be stopping for a week the first days in October. School fall break. We’ll do too. We are headed to the west coast. It seems that we just arrived from beautiful Seattle, where we spent a few days this summer. Fortunately, we are going back. Inspired by some of the recipes from the book Cooking for Baby, by Lisa Barnes, pasta of different shapes and sizes enhance the ingredients we choose to dress it with.

Small shells made of pasta, nicely grasp the flavors of grape tomatoes. These tiny shells do it all. Perfect for little fingers and mouths. Bite-sized deep red organic tomatoes are sweet, grape size, with a color that make them plainly irresistible. Melting in your mouth. This is a very basic baby pasta recipe and it takes no time to prepare. The combination of natural tomatoes, a swirl of olive oil, finished with freshly cut thyme (or any organic herb of your choice) is a great meal for our young ones (and us). This recipe is simply great year round.

You need:
1 cup uncooked tiny shell pasta
2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
1 cup fresh, organic grape tomatoes
2 tbsp fresh thyme, basil (or any fresh herb of your choice)
A pinch of salt to taste


Combine the grape tomatoes, olive oil, herbs in a medium bowl. Cover with plastic wrap. Just when you’re ready to serve, bring a medium pot of water with a splash of olive oil to boil and add the pasta. Cook ‘al dente’ according to the direction on the package. Drain the pasta well and add to the bowl with the grape tomatoes. Toss and serve. 10 months and up

Enjoy it together!

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