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Homemade Tartine with Fresh Heirloom Radish


Grab a fresh baguette, a good quality unsalted butter, a rainbow of heirloom radishes,  extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of sea salt, place atop of your buttered baguette and voilá – the perfect tartine for snack, side dish or appetizer.

Fresh Radish | Au Petit Goût

A suggestion: Try this for your kid’s afternoon snack and you will tell me that it is the handiest of snack and everyone will love it!

Radish comes in many varieties. A popular one, is known as ‘French Breakfast‘. Bite-size treat, sweet and crunchy. We want to keep our kid’s food in rotation, don’t we? Thinly sliced radishes, on a slightly buttered freshly baked baguette with a swirl of olive oil? It doesn’t get any better than that. Teach your young ones to eat fresh, natural, with lots of fiber. Offer them something different. They will thank you for life.

Bring home the best quality radish you can buy.


Fresh Radish | Au Petit Goût


Fresh Radish | Au Petit Goût



Fresh Radish | Au Petit Goût




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