Homemade Bubbly Strawberry Baby Smoothie


Homemade Strawberry Baby Smoothie | AU PETIT GOÛTHomemade Strawberry Baby Smoothie

The possible combinations when preparing smoothies are endless. A bit of history, tell us that we have enjoyed smoothies for a long time. We are keen to introduce new textures and flavors to our little ones, and smoothies are a great way to flavor natural fruits. We don’t need to blend in many ingredients. Make it simple. As natural as possible. My preference is  to use fresh fruits (instead of frozen). Our young ones should enjoy the intrinsic flavor of fruits, naturally.

Strawberries, prepared with a compote-like consistency (one spoon for you and one for me!) gives us a chance to sit down and read a short story book to our children while feeding them. Try to buy the best organic strawberries available. Naturally sweet. Simply blend and enjoy!

Speaking of our young readers, here is a recently discovered site where parents may curate and hand-pick children’s books. You would agree with me that we ought to cultivate their infinite curiosity and eagerness to learn. So these are some suggestions in English, French and Spanish. We are big advocates of learning languages, and although Mandarin isn’t an easy one, my young daughter began some Mandarin lessons over a year ago, and this book 我的朋友 / Wo de peng you – about friendship – she loved.

Homemade Bubbly Strawberry Baby Smoothie
Total time
: Smoothies
: Baby Food
  • About 10 to 12 fresh organic strawberries
  • Water, whole Milk or yogurt to taste (optional)
  1. Remove leaves, thoroughly wash and cut strawberries in half. Place in blender. Add a couple of tbsp of water, milk or natural yogurt (optional) to taste and desired consistency. I did not add milk or yogurt this time. You may see the bubbly and frothy consistency just blending strawberries and a small amount of filtered water. No sugar added.

8 months and up

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