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Barlett Pear and Vanilla Baby Compote


Inspired and adapted from Lisa Barnes’ book Cooking for Baby Bartlett pears are always available these days. We can find them everywhere. Organic pears are preferred. For our young ones, always organic. Homemade compotes are quick and easy, and this one is natural, pure.

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Homemade Barlett Pear Baby Compote | Au Petit Goût

Homemade Barlett Pear Baby Compote

Homemade Barlett Pear Baby Compote

Choose 4 medium-sized Bartlett pears. I love the ones that show some blush red on their skins. Peeled, seeded, cut in large pieces and then pureed until achieving a smooth compote consistency.  Just add a few drops of spring water to help the pulp reach a smoother consistency for the compote. No need to add sugar. Just add a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste or you may scrape the seeds from a vanilla bean, to enhance the flavor and add the visually appetizing (and lovely) vanilla specks to the compote.

Homemade Barlett Pear Baby Compote

You can prepare this compote in a moment, while you have your little one sitting in his or her high chair, with the bib ready and smiling at you, because he or she knows that you will be done quickly and they will be enjoying a lovely compote. Comforting.

Homemade Barlett Pear Baby Compote

They know it’s fresh and so appetizing. How satisfying to follow a few simple steps, with pure fruit, and providing them with a compote not even a minute old. Natural. Homemade. Wholesome.

Homemade Barlett Pear and Vanilla Baby Compote
Cook time
Total time
Fresh. Wholesome. Natural.
: Baby Puree
: Baby Food
Serves: 2 cups
  • 4 ripe Barlett pears (organic)
  • 2 tbsp spring water
  • ¼ tsp organic vanilla paste or (vanilla bean)
  1. Wash, peel, remove seeds. Place quartered and cored pears in a food processor. Add water and vanilla to flavor (optional) puree until smooth. You may add baby's cereal (optional) to thicken, however, I love this compote as is. Enjoy!


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