Strawberry Verrines with Spéculoos


Strawberry Verrines with Speculoos | Au Petit Goût

My young daughter adores a crunchy, fresh, crumbly speculoos.

Strawberry Verrines with Speculoos | Au Petit GoûtStrawberry Verrines with Speculoos | Au Petit GoûtWild Tulips | Au Petit GoûtStrawberries | Au Petit Goût

This mildly spiced short crust biscuit is traditionally consumed in the Netherlands, Belgium and around Christmas in Germany.

Speculoos are thin, very crunchy and slightly browned. So delicious!

Strawberry Verrines with Speculoos | Au Petit Goût

If I recall correctly, the first time my young daughter savored speculoos was during an overnight flight to Europe where the flight attendant offered her these biscuits to try.

She devoured them!

Strawberry Verrines with Speculoos | Au Petit Goût

The spices used in speculoos are generally cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cardamon and white pepper. If one combines this delicious cookie with a fresh organic strawberry homemade coulis and fromage blanc for an afternoon goûter, the combination is perfection.


I ground the cookies in a food processor, made a quick strawberry coulis, and layered these with a fresh fromage blanc into a verrine. So easy to layer and it is so visually appetizing.

One spoonful at a time until it’s all gone!

Strawberry Verrines with Speculoos | Au Petit Goût

You can substitute any of these ingredients and replace them with perhaps raspberries, any other cookie of your choice, and perhaps change the fromage blanc for mascarpone. It will go perfectly well.

I prepared this for my young daughter, and I could not resist making one for me.

Food in verrines is so welcome at home, traditionally composed of three superimposed layers, each conveying a specific character and taste.

 Speculoos | Au Petit Goût

For our young ones it is easy to hold, and it is so inviting that they cannot resist digging in as soon as they give a close look to what’s inside. Grab a spoon and scoop in!

I hope you love this easy and appetizing combination as much as we do!


Strawberry Verrines with Spéculoos
Total time
Adapted from Marmiton.
: Dessert
: French
Serves: 4
  • 300 g fresh strawberries
  • 300 g fromage blanc or mascarpone
  • 1 packet of Speculoos
  1. Use a food processor to grind the speculoos very finely and place half of biscuit at the bottom of each verrine. Cover with cheese about 3 cm. Blend strawberries (except 2) and divide them into each glass. Cover with the rest of speculoos then finish with half strawberry. Refrigerate before serving.
  2. You can change o replace any of the ingredients with the amount or quantities to your preference.


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