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The past few months have been hectic – a busy time for my family –  which has kept me away from writing and staying in touch with you –  my loyal friends.

Instead of letting more time passing by, I thought of sharing one page with you – just to say “Hello everyone!” 

Yes, I am around.


I continue cooking, baking, styling and photographing every day. Thank you for your warm words, (especially those of you wondering where I have been). Thank You my chère Clémentine from beautiful  ‘Amande et Basilic’ – Merci! I’ve been trying to balance family life, work, and photography. I’ve had my hands full. The only reason for being away. I have missed coming here, where I am able to keep in touch with you and where I continue to be inspired by all of you. Thank you for your patience. And thanks for being there.

I look forward to coming back with the stories behind new and beautiful cookbooks, new recipes, and yes  – photography.


5 comments on “Around”

  1. We have been missing you a lot these past months! Glad you finally got in touch with us. I am looking forward to be readin your inspiring stories. In the meantime have wonderful Christmas, I wish you and your family lots of peace and joy di=uring the Holiday season. All the best, love, Lilia

  2. It is always so hard to juggle family life with work and to keep a perfect balance. Have a wonderful Christmas and holidays with your family Elizabeth, and we all look forward to seeing more of your amazing and inspirational food and photography next year. Take Care xxx

  3. There you are. Missed your posts a lot. Glad to know you are well. It is so true sometimes there is no time at all. Wish you a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year. Waiting patiently. Lol..

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