December 20, 2016

The past few months have been hectic – a busy time for my family –  which has kept me away from writing and staying in touch with you –  my loyal friends.

Instead of letting more time passing by, I thought of sharing one page with you – just to say “Hello everyone!” 

Yes, I am around.


I continue cooking, baking, styling and photographing every day. Thank you for your warm words, (especially those of you wondering where I have been). Thank You my chère Clémentine from beautiful  ‘Amande et Basilic’ – Merci! I’ve been trying to balance family life, work, and photography. I’ve had my hands full. The only reason for being away. I have missed coming here, where I am able to keep in touch with you and where I continue to be inspired by all of you. Thank you for your patience. And thanks for being there.

I look forward to coming back with the stories behind new and beautiful cookbooks, new recipes, and yes  – photography.


5 comments on “Around”

  • Emma says:

    I’ve missed your posts also! Particularly your gorgeous photography 🙂 🙂

  • We have been missing you a lot these past months! Glad you finally got in touch with us. I am looking forward to be readin your inspiring stories. In the meantime have wonderful Christmas, I wish you and your family lots of peace and joy di=uring the Holiday season. All the best, love, Lilia

  • clémentine says:

    Oh ! merci beaucoup Elisabeth <3

    Je te souhaite de passer de très belles fêtes de fin d'année avec ta petite famille en attendant de te retrouver ici ou là.
    Prends soin de toi, bises.

  • Ev says:

    It is always so hard to juggle family life with work and to keep a perfect balance. Have a wonderful Christmas and holidays with your family Elizabeth, and we all look forward to seeing more of your amazing and inspirational food and photography next year. Take Care xxx

  • ratna says:

    There you are. Missed your posts a lot. Glad to know you are well. It is so true sometimes there is no time at all. Wish you a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year. Waiting patiently. Lol..

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