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I grew up savoring the cuisines of northern Spain. Some recipes from the Basque country, (with a big influence of French cuisine), others from Galicia, in the Northwest. Cuisine and kitchen are the heart of the Basque culture. These cuisines are inscribed in my memory and engraved in my palate. They are part of my heritage. Mom’s cooking philosophy and techniques have inspired me to reproduce many of the marvelous dishes she (and my talented aunts) cooked for my siblings and me, time and again.

I have never stopped learning, reading and foraging for the best ingredients our locals can offer. I have instilled the same appreciation in my young daughter, who has savored all foods from very young age. She eats the same foods we eat. This is the same way I was raised.

In this blog, I photograph and write about what I cook at home, with a big emphasis on our young ones. We ought to introduce them to a variety of seasonal foods, to educate their palates and with that, to pass on the gift of healthy eating. I’m also the creator of Cookies for Babies ®, a 4 organic ingredient baby cookie, voted 2011 Gourmet Kids Foods Trends by the About Group, part of the New York Times Company.

You will find some of my family recipes here, and the secrets behind them. I hope each of these recipes inspire you, intrigue you and become a part of your own repertoire as you cook and indulge your loved ones too!



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